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Where 2010 Happened

December 31, 2010 2:00 pm · Posted by Kimra McPherson

For a while — a long while, actually — I was well on pace to beat 2009's 19 cities where I spent at least one night each. Alas, at some point I stopped racking up nights on friends' couches or in random hotel rooms, staying put in San Francisco for much of the second half of the year. Still, complaining about spending time in 17 different places, often with repeat visits, would be what we like to call First World Problems. Besides: This year, my travels let me see monkeys in rainforests, mountains by the ocean, and some of my best friends in their natural habitats. Without further ado, the 2010 Year in Cities:

San Francisco, CA*
San Luis Obispo, CA
Los Angeles, CA*
Palm Springs, CA
San Diego, CA
Aptos, CA
Cloverdale, CA
Midland, MI
Brooklyn, NY
San Jose, Costa Rica *
Carate, Costa Rica
Medford, OR*
Portland, OR*
Hillsboro, OR
Vancouver, BC
Miami, FL*
Seattle, WA

Year in Cities disclaimer: all of these are places where I spent at least one night in 2010.
* denotes multiple non-consecutive nights.

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Looking good, Kimra! I missed your Costa Rica trip the first time around, I'll have to go back and see those pics.

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Yeah, I was awful about getting them up here, but I think there are some on Flickr. Definitely need to be better about actually documenting this stuff in 2011.

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dude. nice list. mine was so sad again. 2011 though. 2011!

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