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Where 2009 Happened

December 31, 2009 1:54 pm ยท Posted by Kimra McPherson

What better way to inaugurate this blog than with the Year in Cities, via Kottke and Lydia. These are all the places where I spent at least one night in '09 (in the case of those marked with an asterisk, non-consecutive nights). Not all of these trips were strictly adventure-centric; most of them, actually, were for weddings. But I like to make as much adventure as possible no matter where I am, so here we go:

San Francisco, CA*
Los Angeles, CA*
O'Fallon, IL
San Luis Obispo, CA*
Cayucos, CA
Palm Springs, CA
Gualala, CA
Pasadena, CA*
Midland, MI
Pilgrim, MI
Holland, MI
Miami, FL
Chicago, IL*
Hunt Valley, MD
Waltham, MA
Montreal, QC
Southwest Harbor, ME
Lubec, ME
Camden, ME

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I like seeing all those CAs - reminds me that no matter how much time one spends staycationing in California there's still so much to see!

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